The tone frequency is Hz. Version A is the older one, it is not produced currently, this setting is only for reverse compatibility. Your manual failed to upload By activating this input electric input pin interconnection you send one SMS to one pre-programmed telephone number. Terms and Symbols Used 1.

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Page 56 Page 57 5 5. Hang up to quit programming. Drivers for SIM are available for 32 and 64 bits Windows systems, they are placed in appropriate directories.

Voice calls Data connection: Run the PCManager and select the language for displaying texts on the righthand side. FAQ Are you still looking for more information? In the event of a long lasting pick-up of the handset without dialling a number, a predefined number is dialled automatically.

You may specify in seconds for forwarding if no answer too. Page 11 Terms and Symbols Used 1.

2N Easygate PRO Analog 3G Gateway – 850/2100

CSD connection is used for data connection of two endpoints, similary as the data. The electromagnet is fixed on the frame and against the plate on the door leaf or the.


Table of Parameters Prefix Eassygate No.: The connector is equipped with screwing clamps to connect wires leading to a switching contact device to be monitored. The tone frequency is Hz.

Table of Parameters Global initialization Function No.: Default timeout is 20 seconds. Set phone connection in your PC using Network connection setting and select appropriate modem. Drivers for SIM are available for 32 and 64 bits Windows systems, they are. The minimum distance of the antenna and pacemakers should be 0.

2N® EasyGate

It is possible to establish data connection using analog modem connected to FXS line. GSM connection is reserved for the whole time of connection and calls are charged according to the connection time.

Register for Technical Training View our technical training courses. Page 49 FAX and Data function 4. Project Consulting Do you need help with a project?

DTMF and pulse Tariff impulses: Other advantages of the interface the fasygate GSM 2N EasyGate are easy installation, convenient monitoring and maintenance reliable. Data connection using USB port.


2N Analogue GSM gateway 2N EasyGate – Manual, v : User guide

Page 44 Voice function 4. Another advantage is greatly appreciated regular SMS messages about the current status of the gateway, ie, the signal strength, number of calls, etc. Username, Keyword, DNS, etc.

The maximum CSD transmission dasygate is. CSD up to For drilling holes to the wall could be used drill pattern in QuickStart. When this wizard is not available, you have to use manual setting according. The gateway can also be used for monitoring. These serve to determine the call pricing or duration of an attached device. SMS Sending Input 4.