Make sure the splitter connections are made correctly. Some popular peer-to-peer applications e. To be connected to the Ethernet Port of the PC. By using the Easy Setup CD with animated instructions, or, 2. AirTies RT supports both encryption standards. If one of the devices in your wireless network does not support WPA, it is recommended that you choose WEP encryption.

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Do not attempt to clean the interior.

Default Password List

There are no user serviceable components inside. If Windows manages you wireless network, the problem may be Windows based. Some popular peer-to-peer applications e. A wireless connection is established A wireless connection is established and data transfer is occurring. Contact your dealer immediately if ads, of the following items are missing or damaged.

Rt–102 is the latest and most advanced wireless encryption standard and provides you with the highest level of data protection. For detailed information about how to setup If Port Forwarding is defined for that port, the incoming traffic is redirected to a machine inside the local network that has only a local IP address.


Click on the RT picture. Do not use with V AC. By using the Easy Setup CD with animated instructions, or, 2. A key with more digits is more secure. You can modify the installation settings in one of two ways: This will launch the web interface of your AirTies RT modem.

Reset To reset the custom configuration of your modem and return to factory settings. If you are not connected to the Internet even though the lights are green, contact your ADSL service provider. However, due to growing importance of data security, it is recommended that you choose a suitable security protocol and configure the RT to use it.

Signals from wireless terminals reach the closest access point automatically, and then reach the RT modem via the access points in between. Basic installation settings of your RT are now complete. I forgot the password I set to access the web interface. By using the Afsl User Interface Both methods are described in the following sections.

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The access points you have chosen must use the same wireless channel as your RT modem. A hexadecimal digit is A-F and Aitties sure all cabling is done properly before turning the power on. Contact your service provider to verify your user name and password.


ADSL connection is established. Open your web browser e. Do not turn the device on or off. You have to enter the same key for all devices within the wireless network. RT is powered OFF. The basic installation settings of your RT are now completed.

The Internet addresses that are a source of malicious attacks are permanently blocked from accessing your network. Firmware software upgrades via the Web interface. Access control can be defined based on local IP or MAC address uniquely identifies the network adapter of the device. WEP is an earlier wireless security protocol.