When I got mine I called t-moblie and they walked me through hooking up to the net. But guess what, its the internet. The actual phones are assembeled by hundreds of independent work shops all over south eastern china in the areas around Hong Kong. Does anyone know if there is a way for me to get service? Results were exactly the same, minimal service. Who was this going to fool?

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Everything popped up on my phone.

Topher on July 9, 6: Also wondering if you any of you know any websites or links or whatever where I can find some videos to put into the phone, iphohe are of good quality.

Blackfredie, I dont have videos on it, but there are several sellers on eBay that probably have more info on it.

Questioned the seller but he has no good response, just a standard answer about their return policy. Can I convert to it?

Problem is i have Fido and it says no service with the Sim card in place. There is no doubt they prefer the lower bands. Remember this phone olny owrks on or iiphone your phone comapny on those bands? If the answer is yes then contact your seller and give him the bad news.


Unfortunately the wesite is not letting me order it. I want to read pdf or iiphone files in my p…how can I do that? As for the question about setting the time.

Our number one phone gets the top position for a very simple reason. Would the same apply for the A cables, meaning you would need to order a good size quantity? I transfer my mp3s to the mymusic folder and then refresh the apppe player. So, the Prada phone is not a ripoff copycat, but the rest are. Do I have to downgrade the card? Thanks Jake and Ben, I turned the key tone, info tone, and touchtone off.

Does anyone know if the P will accept 6 Gb micro-SD cards? I will see if I can zip and email them to you. I have the phone, its as good as my SDA from t-mobile. However, If you copied wmp to the music folder and audio player does not find them, then wmp is not supported.


I did the same when I got mine.

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I had a customer fix theirs by turning it off. Second, this phone is very sensitive when it comes to SIM cards. If it works well I will buy one for my wife. Would a pay as I go card work? Please I need your help right away.

cect iphone p168 copied apple iphone

I will try the steps above and let you know if it works. Aug 20, Messages: Where the TV out. What am I doing wrong? Has anyone elese got an a on the internet with att?

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Dont know why recyles every few applr. Basically, for A guys:. The Song has the same limitation, and same internet setup problems as the P