Mirror alignment is important to ensure the peak performance of your telescope, so it should be checked regularly. Using a 2mm Allen wrench, loosen the three small alignment set screws in the center hub of the 4-vaned spider several turns. If you cannot install and remove the brass bushing from the top baseplate with your fingers, then roll up a piece of sandpaper and sand the inner wall of the central hole in the top baseplate until you can. Highest useful magnification Highest useful magnification. For complete warranty details contact us at You can take great shots of the moon with film or digital camera, but that is the extent of astrophotography with a Dobsonian telescope.

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ASCOM Intelliscope Telescope Driver

We carry correct-image prism diagonals which provide right-side up non-reversed images in refractor awcom cassegrain telescopes. Reflector telescopes use a pair of large and small mirrors to direct incoming light to the eyepiece.

Stars will appear like twinkling points of light in the telescope. This makes the telescope difficult to use, since it is critical that it hold its position when not purposefully moved to keep objects centered in the field of vision. This Page has a New Location! During partial phases, shadows cast by crater walls and mountain peaks along the border between the dark and light portions of the lunar disk highlight the surface relief. What is the best telescope for a beginner?


When the Starry Night Pro installation is complete, then restart your computer.

Telescope/Mount Drivers

Now hold the mirror holder stationary be careful not to touch the surface of the mirrorwhile turning the center screw with a Phillips head screwdriver. All four of these planets are not normally visible in the sky at one time, but chances are one or two of them will be.

This is called the sidereal rate. How to Choose a Telescope How big a telescope do I need? Some initial assembly may be required.

No, the base only needs to be leveled once to adjust the vertical stop. Atmospheric conditions will limit the usefullness of magnification and cause views to become blurred. Focal ratio Focal ratio.

ASCOM Intelliscope Telescope Driver by Vargmal – Should I Remove It?

What type of encoders does the IntelliScope system use? Be sure that it will not fall into the optical tube and hit the primary mirror. Telescope not at thermal equilibrium. The steel optical tube of the Orion SkyQuest XT10i IntelliScope, finished in an attractive deep bronze metallic enamel, is equipped with a 2″ cast aluminum Crayford-style focuser for smooth, backlash-free focus adjustments.

To clean the primary mirror, carefully remove the mirror cell from the telescope and remove the mirror from the mirror cell.

This is where you can get drivers for your astronomy instruments and devices. This will give you the widest possible field of view. Ignore the reflections for the time being. If, when looking through the finder scope, you notice that the image is fuzzy, you will need to focus the finder scope for your eyes. Turning the screw clockwise will move the secondary mirror toward the front opening of the optical tube, while turning the screw counter-clockwise will move the secondary mirror toward the primary mirror.


Make sure not to disturb the crosshairs, as bending or breaking may result. The spacings and tolerances of the asocm are critical, and all modifications are made at the customer’s own risk. How do I calculate the magnification power of a telescope? If you have an Orion telescope, instructions to remove the primary mirror are included in your instruction manual.

Atmospheric conditions vary significantly from night to night, even hour to hour.

For more information see Working with TheSky section 1. Can the IntelliScope be “controlled” by a computer running astronomy software? On a good night a night where the air above is steady and the stars aren’t twinklingthe practical asccom limit of a large telescope is x, even thought the theoretical limit may be much higher.

The secondary mirror itself should be centered in the focuser drawtube, in the direction parallel to the length of the telescope.