In this way power handling capacity of the speaker-under-design is severely compromised. Drawings and Assembly Instructions.. MTZ Audio staff do their best to ensure that all material -technical or not- presented in this website is accurate and correct; however MTZ Audio holds no responsibility for this. Intermodulation distortion artifacts never appear in SPL measurements. Audax are well known for their fine tweeters , among these the 25mm soft dome TWA0 , used in numerous HIFI loudspeakers all over the world. Mylo’s impedance correction circuit is surely a decisive step towards sonic perfection, especially for those who do not own highly expensive amplifiers. Mylo was designed after the 6” HMZ18 driver.

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In a similar manner, should anyone claim to have been harmed directly or indirectly by the use of technical information presented in this website, MTZ Audio will not be liable ausax such claims.

MTZ Audio staff has got an extensive experience on amplifier design hence regards the nature of a speaker’s complex impedance very critical for amplifier feedback operation.

AUDAX Drivers –

Sure looks like a nice driver. Thus Mylo was enhanced with an exceptional sonic purity in the frequency range Hz where enclosure standing waves and vent resonances dominate the vast majority of other speaker designs.

The enclosure material selected, was a high-density 22mm thick MDF.

I’m having second thoughts about waiting for original woofers for my ESS PS8A project speakers to emerge on the recycled market. CeltAug 18, Based on their HDA material HMZ0 is a high quality mm midrange driver with very good linearity and low coloration and distorsion.


AUDAX mm bass drivers. The idea is simple: IEC standard was never aerrogel despite the strong criticism by many researchers and designers involved in the amplification case.

Sometimes small details make the difference. A hardwired sample crossover network is shown in the following picture: I was wondering if anyone could aegogel some wisdom about Audax woofers, or if I ought to be my usual reckless self and blaze yet another personal audio trail based on gut feelings!

Prestige – Aerogel Membrane

Your name or email address: We certainly do not promote minimalism in this area of electronics. At lower frequencies where aidax impedance resonant peaks occur to absolutely all loudspeaker systems up to 40 or more Ohms! Crossover freq and efficiency fit the 8″ woofer pretty well.

Vas, Qms, Qts, sensitivity, etc. A bit of history. Log in or Sign up. Bullet tweeter 20mm coil – 40W – dB mm o. We all know that amplifier specs are measured across laboratory resistive loads of 4 auax 8 Ohms.

Driver and cabinet data were input to aetogel simulation software LFA v5. Vent emissions were kept to a minimum outside the tuning frequency as illustrated in the following picture: Although we respect other design approaches, we definitely do not encourage the excitement of driver’s nonlinearities and cone break-up waves that many DIY designers induce through their oversimplified crossover network topologies. You are welcome to email for further information. At that time late MTZ Audio staff decided to select the popular aerogel cones of Audax drivers for these difficult tasks.


Share This Page Tweet. Sealing any removable cabinet walls, securing the driver screws with special clips. Looks okay on paper.

This sub-circuit is shown within the crossover network schematic just above. In a very wide frequency range Hz to 30kHz a nearly flat impedance for the Mylo speaker was achieved.

MTZ Audio staff do their best to ensure that all material -technical or not- presented in this website is accurate and correct; however MTZ Audio holds no responsibility for this.


The small ‘valley’ in the kHz range compensates for early reflections in typical living room environment and enables really loud listening sessions. The initial idea behind Mylo was to address the acoustic environment of a relatively small listening room.

Some useful links in Greek in AVforum’s discussions concerning the Mylo project: