Configuring Ace Settings Before Scanning Shipping cost cannot be calculated. When the surface of roller is initially exposed to solvents or similar chemicals, it swells and softens the roller or rubber surface. Scanner Bell and Howell Tr? If the scanner displays a number equal to or greater than 2.

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Check back lamps and sensor and replace lamps if necessary Section 6. Bell and Howell Copiscxn Hardware Device Manager 1. Take the following steps to unpack the scanner: It becomes operational when an ink cartridge is installed into the imprinter. There is not a finite replacement period howelll the skimmer rollers but they are rated to lastdocument scans which is dependant on the type of paper being scanned.

One suggested way, is to run it under water while squeezing the foam on the roller. Next, start Registry Editor.

Bell And Howell 8000 Parts Manual

Checking The Print Cartridge Ink This roller holds back all but the top document in the stack of documents. Therefore, VRS, which ships standard with every Copiscan Spectrum scanner, must be installed after any previous version is uninstalled. For information about how to back up, restore, and edit the registry, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: If this does not resolve the error, please call technical support at SCAN When ready, the scanner should display the home menu, which will look like this:.


There is an image library called PIXM that makes this very easy. To utilize Color Background Dropout, users just need to select “White” as their color background through the VRS interface rather than saturated or Smooth. Cleaning The Page Sensors Place the new roller on the roller shaft so that the larger opening faces the gear. For more information see the VRS user guide.

Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual 7. The “Return to Default Value” utitlity will replace any saved values in the default profile and return them to the original factory defaults. Ace Sensitivity Map If you write imaging software and have not yet made this modification, please see the instructions starting in the next paragraph below. Wiping Away Thee If Windows does not install the Spectrum model XF, no need to worry.

Yes, the default is for every 10, pages run through the scanner. The key is inactive if nothing is displayed.



Check Technical Bulletin before ordering a replacement power supply. When the ohwell receives a scan command from the application software running on your PC, the scanner takes one document at time from the stack into its transport system.

This method requires users to guess the maximum thickness of hkwell being scanned. There are 1 items available. Black – all background pixels are set to black and the Snap To White checkbox is disabled.

Please follow the instructions carefully.

To select doc prep, follow the directions below: Windows 98 SE,Copiwcan 4. Return – VRS will return any error to the application to be handled within the application. Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual 2.