Hayden Island November 9, Afternoon, overcast, rain, with some sun breaks. Weather windy sunny fall day. Weather sunny, crisp, and cold. Hayden Island October 31, Broughton Beach and Hayden Island November 6, Canon EOS 7d, mm.

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Hayden Island Columbia Point January 5, Canon EOS 7d, mm. Click image to enlarge.

Broughton Beach July 27, Nice sunny summer day. Overcast but no rain. Image taken November 7, Image taken April 16, Overcast day with some sun some drizzle.

Overcast day but break in the rain, with occasional fanon. Image taken January 5, Broughton Beach November 27, Weather breezy and sunny. Overcast morning with late sun break.

I Bridge View | The Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge spa… | Flickr

Image taken August 21, Broughton Beach August 17, Image taken April 9, Image taken March 31, Savannah Sparrow, Columbia River upstream I bridge. Image taken August 16, Image taken November 24, Broughton Beach December 22, Image taken December 13, Following Marine Drive east: Red-breasted Mergansers, Columbia River, Oregon.


Image taken December 28, Warm sunny winter day. Mew Gull, Columbia River upstream I bridge. It has a variety of habitats resulting in a variety of birds.

Image taken January 24, Images are NOT to be downloaded from this website. Hayden Island January 25, Danon overcast afternoon with occasional sunbreaks. Image taken November 8, Cold overcast early afternoon with occasional sunbreaks.

Image taken May 18, Hayden Island October 31,