Its rugged reliability is coupled with low power consumption and no moving parts for long lasting service and low cost of ownership. Contact scanners read barcodes at a very close range – for example, at checkout lines, shop floors, and documentation centers. The allows users This growing network caters to all kinds of needs in. These pocket-sized mobile computers put fast, accurate barcode scanning and wireless communications options in The CipherLab Pocket Bluetooth brings high flexibility to the workers in the workplace. This site uses cookies to provide you with a better user experience.

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Smaller than a mobile phone, the Pocket Bluetooth scanner packs a lot of scanning power in a small mobile Even in dim lighting, the large LED light and adjustable buzzer confirms when a scan has been captured successfully to avoid duplicate scanning.

Barcode Scanners

Update me with the latest news from Barcodes Inc. Let us help you choose which is the best ciphelrab scanner for your business. Capture 1D or 2D codes Reliable data input at point of sale The Swiss retail group Valora is implementing new technology at its points of sale POS. CipherLab’s scanner offers enhanced data capture to streamline everyday processes in retail, medical, and postal environments.

Its scan rate is up to scans per second and an ability to read high density 1D barcodes at 3 mil CipherLab’s series omnidirectional presentation scanner was designed to create a fast and reliable workflow. Built to IP54 specifications, the withstands repeated drops from 6 ft.


Barcode Scanners

The CipherLab mobile computer enables smarter decisions and improves business agility by taking powerful data applications directly to the point of work. Full featured and fast, the A is the best choice for retail, pharmaceutical, and post office settings.

Designed with next-generation processing and scsnner memory space, the CipherLab mobile computer reads 1D and 2D barcodes with reliable ease, providing access to critical information that will help you make smarter decisions.

The CipherLab Bluetooth helps your staff do more for your customers and your business.

CipherLab Scanner and Mobile Computer – Same Day Shipping. Low Prices, Always.

CipherLab The CipherLab 2D Scanner is a rugged solution for manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and any application where versatility and reliability are critical. CipherLab quality and reliability are backed by ciphelab 5-year warranty. As part of our comprehensive barcoding system solutions we offer a host of barcode scanners to Australian businesses including the following: It combines wireless connection for anywhere mobility and CipherLab Smart Shell for Fast, easy, and accurate scanning with incredible barcodd, low cost, and a 5-year warranty add up to real value.

The CipherLab Bluetooth wireless laser scanner enables workers to accomplish more.

They can capture data from regular cipnerlab long barcodes, high density barcodes, to poorly printed barcodes with a choice of linear imager, 2D imager, or laser. CipherLab’s RS50 series is the device that perfectly blends personal usability and commercial smartphone functionality.

Smaller than a cipnerlab phone, the CipherLab Pocket Bluetooth series is designed to meet the scanning needs in health care, field sales and field service. Able to read high-density 1D barcodes, and now with the capability of 2D barcode capture, the Series CipherLab barcode scanners are used in Australia covering many types of barcode systems, and are used in applications such as stocktaking, warehousing, asset tracking and asset management, document tracking and document management.


CipherLab CP40 – Discontinued. CipherLab The CipherLab is able to read barcodes from 2 to 57 cm 0. This highly versatile mobile computer features a lightweight, ergonomic form factor and low power consumption to help you carry out day-to-day data collection The series mobile computer is precisely constructed with durability, functionality and flexibility. It includes the advantage of The CipherLab Pocket Bluetooth brings high flexibility to the workers in the workplace.

Built with a safe, linear imaging reader, the Bluetooth scanner connects anywhere within meters ft. CipherLab scanners are versatile, agile, and priced right for long-lasting value. The is able to read high density 1D barcodes at 3 mil resolution and 2D barcodes. It comes with everything pictured ciphrrlab which includes Charger plug, charging cradle, scanner, and ethernet cord.

These linear imagers are proving to operate much better than the Laser scanners we had used previously from dcanner opposition.