Thanks much for your time and effort in this laptop,. I would think the inverter going out would cause the entire screen to be affected. My screen just failed on my R International shipping is not available. The VZ came with zero dead pixels and has constant, even lighting across the entire display.

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My experience with chat was horrible. Ton of screws to get to it. I think your technician is right.

Compaq Presario M – Wikipedia

You can remove and replace the power connector board without removing the motherboard. I was asking about the battery board Step Try replacing the screen. In my laptop the part number is Replace it with a new one and assemble the laptop.

Bad connection between the drive and motherboard. When I press on bottom of the screen, I get good picture no flickering. Do you m2000 this is cable problem or lcd screen problem. No, the power connector board is fine. If you accidentally break the connector, you will have to replace the whole motherboard or use the notebook with an external keyboard. Hi I have hp dv4t, my screen has parallel flickering lines.


You’ve been outbid by I managed to open my lappy and give it a good cleaning. I found them to be very useful. My compaq presario m doesnot boot nor it shows bios setup.

Sorry about my previous post, I found the tutorial on removing the display and the inverter. It worked but kept on overheating. Easy not to do.

Compaq Presario M2000

This is back to where I started weeks ago. Now I just want to have the freedom to unplug it from the wall.

The external video continues to work, and everything lse boots, but the screen stays the same gray. The all-black lettering on the light-grey keys doesn’t jump out, but it’s readable. Just follow the guide until the old motherboard is removed.

Compaq Presario v2000z (Turion 64 ML-30, 512MB RAM) Review (pics, specs)

As you say,bezel tricky to remove at hinges. Screen The widescreen is perfect for viewing movies in their native resolution or for having a word processor and internet browser open side-by-side. Terms of Sale Disclaimer: I have not yet had a problem where I had to call technical support.


Our review unit’s WorldBench 5 score of 72 is 11 percent below the other units’ average score of Compaq Presario CQ all-in-one: The case is made of reinforced plastic which is pretty sturdy.

Remove two screws securing the battery board and disconnect it from the motherboard. International shipping is not available.

Atom-equipped, ready for grandma’s email sessions.