Swapping out the palm rest is no trivial task. For those who desire greater customization options, a downloadable driver is available for Mac or PC which allows user-specified actions for each button. This is convenient, but it can also mean more time spent cleaning — particularly if you work in a grimy environment or often eat at your desk. This is not only annoying, but really quite tiring when you have to scroll through a long document. Still, the thicker palm rest and sealed track could be important to some users, and the price point is undeniably a little better with the Pro. The rollerbar works by rolling the bar to move the cursor up and down on the screen. Yes Clickable Scroll Wheel:

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Additional information Weight 2. As you might have gathered from the above, the main difference between the Pro and the Free has more to do with shape than functionality. There are five hollow plastic posts that must be pushed through from the bottom, and each has two small tabs holding it in place. The RollerMouse Pro2 by Contour Design is a central pointing device which in lieu of a traditional mouse uses a rollerbar just below the space bar on the keyboard.

Again, this is just my impression, not the result of a scientific experiment. When working in Pro Mouse mode, which is the default setting, you can choose between or dpi as the cursor speed. Another good example is the rollerbar tension control.


Asymmetrical reaching with one side of your body and not the other causes your muscle groups to compensate for the weight of your extended arm while reaching for a traditional mouse. Still, the thicker palm rest and sealed cnofour could be important to some users, and the price point is undeniably a little better with the Pro.

RollerMouse Pro2 can work in two modes. The rollerbar works by rolling the bar to move the cursor up and down on the screen.

Contour RollerMouse Pro Review

This activates the end detection and the cursor will move anywhere on the screen. Optional Driver for Customized Button Actions: The RollerMouse Pro2 allows you to keep your elbows comfortably by your side, which is a more beneficial ergonomic position.

In order that cursor movement remain centered throughout usage, there is an end detection mechanism that shifts the cursor to the left or right side of the screen when the rollerbar can no longer be moved any further left or right.

If you have confoir questions about this or any other product, call us or email us.

RollerMouse Pro2 by Contour Design Inc. : ErgoCanada – Detailed Specification Page

The elimination of flexing your fingers to grip the mouse avoids compression through the carpal tunnel. Strictly plug and play for Windows XP, Vista, 7.

It will also realign the cursor position if you are using multiple screens.

The RollerMouse Pro is both larger and thicker than the Free. Repetitive overreaching will often lead to tightness and pain in the neck, shoulder and elbow areas.

Yes Clickable Scroll Wheel: In general, most users will likely prefer the RollerMouse Free, as it beats the older model in most respects. These tabs are quite tricky. There is a very slight ‘click’ feel as the rollermoise limit of the range of the rollerbar is reached, triggering end detection. The small dot requires least amount of pressure rollermousr click, and the large dot requires most amount of pressure to click.


RollerMouse Pro2 allows you to work safer, faster, and more comfortably.

RollerMouse Pro2

The Ergo Keyboard Mat is designed to support ergonomic keyboards in need of a flat surface when working with the RollerMouse Pro2. Once the desired location is achieved, a left click can be generated by pressing down on the bar the force required for this is adjustable from ultra-light touch to highly tactile.

The ErgoMat makes it possible to use configurations like this Kinesis Freestyle and V3 tilt kit setup. Overall, the RollerMouse Pro is clunkier than the Free, a bit less accurate, and not as friendly to use. Set the click force and cursor speed to your liking with switches found underneath the mouse. However, it is my impression that the Pro is more difficult to operate with precision.

To move the cursor left or right, simply slide the rollerbar side to side. Pressing the wheel for middle-click is also more difficult than it should be.