Intuitively this card is not designed for the Mini and the very inflexible cables would be a chore to permanently install. This is the Commell card seated in the mini-PCIe slot. It proved impossible to get good pictures of the flattened cables running out from under the drive cage. The SI driver comments reminds me of some past mails on drivers in general where some had problems with the SI site driver installs working where I didn’t ever – I installed at least 3 different versions over the last year from the SI site used with Although I purchased one, it had not arrived in time so I was forced to do my testing with a direct connection to the drive.

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The attached SATA drive worked though not for booting.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0, eSATA, HDD/SSD

Ultimately Delck plan to cut a slot in the white plastic edge to feed the ribbon cable outside the mini, and reassemble everything. Removing the DVD facilitated this.

The whole at the side of the mini was made by a metal saw and some some tape was added to protect the SATA cable from esaga edges of the whole. Plus access to much larger HDs, at a lower cost per GB than 2.

Delock Converter SATA / IDE eSATA / USB 2.0

The ‘before’ tests are with the drive in a USB enclosure. The EMC number is located on the rear of the system in small type.

This ma to be absolutely true. The installation procedure varies, too. Now that I knew the card would work in Leopard, I faced the far tougher problem of cable management.


The non-RAID driver does not work.

A full chart of the Mac Pro lines, corresponding identifiers, and PCIe compatibility is provided below. What SSD options are available? Maf access to a fast scratch disk was appealing as was the prospect of utilizing cheap and fast eSata drives firewire enclosures have traditionally been far more expensive.

These details are easiest to visualize as a chart for simplicity, the Server models have been omitted, but they esara the same PCIe support as the “regular” models: This is the Commell card seated in the mini-PCIe slot.

There’s a chamfer on the back delocm support post that I razored off in order to provide more clearance when routing the cables out the back. You’ll have to purchase a Sata-eSata cable adapter in order to hook up an eSata enclosure. In order to get the cover back on, I had to cut away a small section of the aluminum casing to the right of the USB ports. I too have a Mini currently used for DTP work.

Though maxed out at 3Gb, it struggles with huge PhotoShop files especially when used in conjunction with Quark and Word. Also remember some major OS X updates will remove the installed driver with a note in an incompatible software folder on the boot drive and require a driver reinstall or updated driver. This is why LittleBox looks rather messy and adhoc inside, as I’ve only just sat it there and used velcro on it’s base to keep it in place.


Delock Multi-Port [eSATA(p), USB ] External Enclosure for mSATA 6Gb/s SSD – Synchrotech

Here some real world copy tests: I bought it here in Germany www. Thanks for the article – never would have thought of it otherwise. Jan 10th, another report Updated: I felt there was a good reason why these were so encapsulated and didn’t want to risk these irreplaceable unique cables. One side fits in the connector of the card, the other on the sata port of an internal HD. I have not set up any raid system for maximum speed.

May even use it as file server running Leopard Server – but the lack of a fast alternate boot drive is a bit of a handicap. These details are easiest to visualize as a chart for simplicity, the Server models have been omitted, but they have the same PCIe support as the “regular” models:.

Any Interface spec’s max rate the theoretical max is rarely seen in real-world use due to other hardware bottlenecks, overhead, etc. Have not tested with really fast drives yet but on the drives tested so far seems comparable to same drives on FirmTek controllers. They delivered to me in Australia! Glad it worked out. Cable management though may dissuade you from choosing this upgrade.