I tried all sorts of things to get it working, followed all the tips here, but to no avail. Fri May 22, Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. I had to redo the controller mappings which was a little pain but all is good now. I totally understand obsolescence and all that, but my PCR as a piece of hardware works perfectly for my purposes, and it would really have stuck in the craw if I would have had to shell out this weeks for say, an equivalent replacement such as a Roland A-PRO series, which of course I guess might be part of Rolands thinking when they neglected to update the PCR drivers beyond Windows 8.

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Windows can’t find the drivers or install them.

Mar 15, If anyone figures this out, please report back here. I sold it to a person that doesn’t use the headphone jack.

Edirol PCR MIDI Keyboard driver missing – Fixed !

Mav Oct 20, 9: Nov 4, 1: My PCR is still in the shed Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? So depressing having to dump stuff just because someone has decided that they no longer want to create updated drivers. Maybe there is a turnaround: Michael Mortilla Michael Mortilla. Hey fireberd, thanks for the reply. All the controls are ok with Logic? Since bought a Komplete Kontrol Keyboard so don’t do it anymore Thanks for any idea.


Apple for changing the specs that disabled the old driver, Roland for not updating the device and abandoning driver development probably to sell newer versions to suckers of both. During the update from Roland page, my mac lost connection with pcr and now I can’t finish the update and pcr shows me only FFF. I’ve tried rebooting with the PCr both plugged in and also not connected.

Roland – Support – PCR – Drivers e atualizaƧƵes

Fri Oct 21, I should just chuck it away but I can’t bring myself to do it. All was ok and flawless with Logic? Forums Posts Latest Posts. Shut off the computer. Audio Speciality level out of ten: Unplug the ‘s USB cable.

Same here, on Mac. I went into device manager and it will not update the drivers, but now I will restart it and see if that works. Aug 30, If anyone else drops by this thread in the future – this was the link that cracked it for me.


Logic Pro Help

I tried the sequence to disable the driver signing Bugaboo. Ask a question Reset.

Tried to reinstall drivers. I will also assume that since the controller still functions, hooking up a MIDI router type of device that the Mac sees will also allow the PCR to start sending and receiving data again, at least as a standard controller, of not with the PCR editor which doesn’t see the PCR either.

Reply Helpful Thread erirol – more options Link to this Post.

If it does, I’ll report back here. Mine problem is worse. Sun Aug 17,