Thank you for your report, Giovanni. I can confirm that the MIDI input works just fine. Thanks for the report, Paulo. At first when I plugged the UM1-X in it was not accepted. Thanks heaps John Wilkins. If you want to switch the MIDI gear to a different piece of gear you may have to restart the UM-1X or close out of your session, I did experience some minor issues with changing the MIDI gear in the middle of a project. TV and Movies by Joan E.

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Edirol UM-1X – MIDI adapter – USB

Many thanks for sharing your expertise: I have not seen this message myself, but you have quoted it fully which allows me to find some help for you. Bob, thank you very much for letting me know about this.

If you close a program that is important, the worst thing that happens is the computer freezes, but will restore itself on restart. Thank you ddirol much!

Make the Edirol or Roland UM-1 and UM-1X work on Windows 10 | Zodiacal Light

Thank you so much, you are a life saver! Grazie per il vostro rapporto, Giovanni. I feel like I need to get something that will be compatible with Windows 10 from the get-go.


Oh and i forgot my pc midi keyboardno driver or support for that one either luckely i can get it to work through the UM-1s thnx to John. W10 can not find any driver. The more RAM the better. Run a forum search on it there’s a lot here.

I hope you have much enjoyment continuing edirool make music. Now, I used Your step-by-step info and it works! Remember also you must set your Windows installation NOT to enforce driver signing.

EDIROL UM-1X problems!!!!

The driver now works for me on Windows Your generosity is a great antidote to the corporate greed of Roland. Here are a few suggestions.

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It is possible that you did not switch off the requirement for device driver signing. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering. This is Bonnie again. Part of me wants to boycott Roland for their unwillingness to keep current drivers for this product. I tried that with UM-3EX to win 10 32 bit. The disk that comes with the UM-1X had the right driver to work with all programs and systems.


Easiest thing to try is to increase the number or time of audio buffers in the “options-audio” dialogue.

On navigating to the folder containing the edited. Interface Required Connector Type.

Unless you formatted the drive and loaded the operating system yourself, which few people do, edirpl may have played with the hard drive at the factory enough for your disk to need defragmenting. Stumbled across this page after a bit of searching: Your email address will not be published. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

A word for people working with the UM-1SX. Thank you very much worked for UM Thanks for the info! Now, a couple of weeks ago, it was necessary to re-install another, unrelated, old driver to overcome a Windows upgrade mess Open GL 2.