You may want to run this program as root to find all devices. But there was also a surprise: There is a low level interface to the scanner called the SANE backend. How to install an Epson scanner in SuSe 9. To this end, use the following command in a separate terminal window just after scanner power-on, before doing anything else to the scanner:

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To do so, enter: I found the corresponding firmware file from a Windows install and from cabextract. The major and minor device 16770 have meaning to the kernel but unless you are a kernel developer, all you need to know is and 48 are the numbers to use. How do I get Ubuntu to find the downloaded files.

Just download the windows driver and try to see what’s inside. If anyone would still want to use it to make his or her scanner work, please send me a PM and I’ll try to find it and get it online somewhere. Note that I forgot to add ,inux line to restart the sane service.


If not, an error window will very probably pop up. I too am having issues with the transparency unit under xsane. Has been successfully added to your basket Continue shopping Go to checkout.

The rest is working. It 167 contain the firmware file. Can I simply copy it and then where would I copy it to?

The scanner wasn’t even detected although I knew it is supported. I will tell, but I just downloaded the epson I already found it here http: But there was also a surprise: Thank you very much! Handles discovery and communication over the USB.

Recognized 1607 scanner when I plugged in appears in simple scan settings but refused to scan. It will be able to set up every snapscan scanner that works with sane.

Supported Scanners

This appears to be a kernel bug in Feisty: If you would like to edit or overwrite that file you need to add sudo in front of the command.

Tuxi, Please let us know if you get the V working. Thanks for any help as this is one of the last thing i need to fix before deleting the Windwos partition! Having the same problems as matthoffman with my perfection using esfw In the meantime I finished the script.


Everyting was ok, with new date and time. If you would like to register as an Epson partner, please click here.

Do I need to configure something more? Having a problem logging in?

Epson scanner and Ubuntu

Snapscan is a SANE backend. I upgraded from Fedora Core 1 to Fedora Core 2, so it just worked.

I have the same problem as ndaneau with my Epson Perfection – it works if I first run Windows XP but otherwise not. Unfortunately, recompiling the Kernel is not an option for me – seems that I can’t use the scanner until Gutsy is out If so, you can now scan using XSane.