Refer to Section 3. However, if the status change occurs during the data transmission, the printer transmits the ASB status after transmitting the data. Changed points in the Rev. When [n]k is less than or equal to the preceding value [n]k-1, tab setting is finished and the following data is processed as normal data. Gas station filling machine 6. We respect your privacy.

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If this command is executed at the print starting position of the marked paper, the printer feeds the marked paper to the next print starting position. You may not reproduce, store, or transmit the confidential information in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior written permission of Seiko Epson.

Do not mix labels with different lengths on one roll. When both double-height and double-width modes are selected, quadruple-size characters are printed. This command does not affect printing in page mode. Fupl cutter available 4. The printer does not transmit ASB status or perform status detection during processing of this command even when ASB is specified.

The printer returns to standard mode when power is turned on, the printer is reset, or ESC is used. DIP switches should not be changed while the printer power is on. The printer enters offline status after any of the following: In this case, printing does not exceed the printable area.


The printer operates following in the Table 3.

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Two-byte character code supported. Data transmitted when the receive buffer is full may be lost. Macro is not defined when the power is turned on. In page mode, this command is not effective. Register The fields marked with an asterisk are required fields. The print control mode which is specified with 0, 48 is same as the print head energizing mode.

When this state is not available, the host shall enter the Reverse Mode to constantly monitor the presence of data. The relationship between the image data and the dots to be printed is described in Figure 3.

Type of the interface which is selected, and the communication conditions? When page mode is selected: In the first group of NV bit images, when any of the parameters xL, xH, yL, yH is out of the definition range, this command is disabled.

The BA-T executes the following process: Improper connection may cause fire or shock.

If the user is a business entity or organization, you must limit disclosure to your employees, agents, and contractors who have a need to know and who are also bound by fhll of confidentiality. Provides important information on setting and using the printer command, if necessary.


This command cancels all NV bit images that have already been defined by this command. The character width includes the right-side character spacing, and double-width characters are set with twice the width of normal characters.

To select a font, use ESC!

If this command is input in standard mode, the printer executes only internal flag operation. Print speed has priority over power consumption: Memory switch settings 3 Self-test standby state G500 printing the current printer status, the printer prints the message “Self-test printing.


This must be considered in calculating the amount of data that can be printed in one line. Use an FFC cable that meets the following dimensions.

In standard mode, this command is effective only when processed at the beginning of the line. Paper is being fed by the FEED button.