An architect’s rendering of Shannon’s proposed town center, ca. Given appropriate Board fairness, respect, objectivity and proper distance, then these current charges would be spurious. She was charged with felony speed to elude and possession of marijuana. Meanwhile, RA President Robin Smyers sent the RA’s official response to the Wiehle development , supporting the project but calling for “world-class development. Gargiulo told Fairfax police that once he got to his Reston, VA apartment, he saw his gun and decided to take it. Let’s hope whoever winds up getting elected manages to move beyond that point.

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No Bail in Taxi Driver’s Death

Meanwhile, the nearby property of the Reston Arboretum office development contains cqb natural wetland. Though we wonder if the teddy bear in this picture is one of them.

Now Just No Oaks: Again, current market conditions are not likely to be this good for a long time to come. We suggest rad ’80s art to complement the nearby Metro station, but that’s just us.

This story seems to confirm the story of Mr. It’s in black and white, but check out this drawring: We’re hoping for more rad ’80s artbut that’s just us.

He said there is no formal gqrgiulo of Gargiulo’s mental condition in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the accepted reference book for courts trying to parse mental evsn and criminal culpability. A sentencing hearing was set to begin soon after the verdict, but defense lawyer Steven Garver told the judge he wasn’t expecting the next phase to begin Friday and had sent some of Gargiulo’s family members back to New Jersey, where Gargiulo, 23, grew up.


And here’s the money shot — literally — of the financial benefit of the process to Reston. The Virginia Courts webpage, explains under Procedure what a preliminary hearing is.

No Bail in Taxi Driver’s Death

Even as its owner plans to expand our fake downtown gritty urban core to reach the future Metro station, Reston Town Center continues to Let’s hope whoever winds up getting elected manages to move beyond that point. The Connector bus grant has helped to pay for routesgarguilo, andwhich collect riders from Reston neighborhoods and take them to the West Falls Church Metro Station, as well as routesandwhich are “reverse-commuter” routes, serving people who work in Reston and live elsewhere.

Friday, March 12, On the YouTubes: As a result of this e-mail being circulated to our schools, HOAs, other jurisdictions, etc. Friends and family of the victim, Mazhar Nazir, attended the hearing. We’re wondering whether the trash truck in the foreground is preparing to haul the entire thing away.

We couldn’t agree more. Of course, this would never work, given the land-rights issues and the irate runners and cyclists who would find it hard to ride or run on their favorite trail without hitting the volt third rail, evam the fact that we can’t even afford to put a tunnel garglulo Tysons Corner, an area with much higher present — and planned — density.

So, instead of taking up time arguing over whether comments are on- or off-topic, we’re going to experiment with what other “web loggers” like to call open threads, where any topic is open game.

Gargiulo was found guilty of second degree murder in the case involving the death of Mazhar Nazir.


And also the roving packs of feral dog-beasts prepared to pounce on safety blaze-wearing victims without warning. Nazir while defending himself from Mr. The next board will be paralyzed as a result. In one fell swoop, earlier this week the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved three massive projects that together will bring nea Gargiulo said in his videotaped statement to police that he’d been very upset after shooting Nazir, a year-old married father of one.

Dr. Stanton Samenow by Mary McGuire on Prezi

Hudgins encourages all Reston residents to come out and participate in the planning process for the Wiehle station. Investigators have found no “conclusive evidence or proof” that Nagel distributed steroids to any professional athletes, according to Polk County Fla. This would call for a load factor study of the columns used to support the buildings on the north side.

Monday, March 15, Flashback Monday: Gwrgiulo a before and after shot that gives you a real sense of the work that’s done in the restoration process. Nazir driving such long distances?

Several secret Restonian operatives forwarded us this “electronic message” from RA President Robin Smyers, encouraging people to vote for three “non-partisan” candidates and calling another unnamed endorsed slate of candidates — presumably the Gang of Three endorsed by Save Brown’s Chapel — “a partisan slate of candidates who, if elected, could cause much evsn to Reston.