It will install the StreamEez-Pro application plus the Windows driver. Does your Rocket keep blinking red even though you have a USB thumb drive plugged in? If present, uninstall it, then re-run the installation for Hauppauge Capture. Any adjustments you make in the software will be saved when you exit the application and be applied to standalone mode. When bringing audio in through the SPDIF optical audio jack, the audio is recorded in the format which is received. The software supplied with the unit doesn’t run on Mac one star off for that.

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Under Multiple displaysset to Duplicate these displays.

HD PVR model 1212

Here are some screen shots if you have an nVidea M graphics adapter in your gaming PC Screen resolution menu Advanced Settings menu. Click the Download button above this is the Rocket Windows driver and latest Rocket firmware.

Also try updating to the latest drivers supplied by the manufacturer. Most problems here are basic cabling and settings in game consoles. Any other format conversions needs to pvrr done with the MediaConvert program supplied.

In addition, this release includes changes to fix flash memory corruption problems. This error can happen in Vista operating systems. This should give you very good quality.


Support: HD PVR Rocket

Once installed you can reinstall Constant Guard. Hardware encoding is the way to go and would be a shame to see this technology go to waste for lack of a little refinement and it is for that reason I gave 3 stars instead of 1. To fix, you need to reset the video settings on your PS3.

Press the Menu button on your controller and select Settings. A one and a half hour movie at the highest quality setting is going to be between 10 and 15 gigs at Then click the Advanced button at the bottom and go to Video Proc Amp.

When bringing audio in through the stereo jacks, audio is recorded as MPEG 1 layer 2 audio. Then edit with Vegas. The Capture4ME app has the ability to trim the beginning or end of a recording, and also an ‘Upload to YouTube’ function for those that want to share their videos online. If your cables are connected, you should now be able to see your game console on your TV set and record and stream your gameplay.

Here you will select either audio input connector or optical digital cable sold separately. Check to see how you have your Television connected to your set top box. It will be enabled by default, so simply click on it to disable the irritating feature. These are instructions on how to do this.


Hauppauge | HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Product Description

See All Buying Options. Click Install and the firmware upgrade will begin. I have done video recording for years so I already knew and expected that, 6 Gig an hour is about 15 meg a second data rate.

Plug the other end of the same cable into your TV set. HDMI or Component video.

Pvg you have selected optical you must select the compatible formats either PCM 2ch or Dolby 5. System Requirements Laptop or desktop PC with 3. Thank you for your feedback. Check your video mode! Share you best games with your friends in HD! Add a webcam into recordings. Please see the appropriate setup instructions for your game console: Hauppauge Capture chooses the most suitable video mode supported by your webcam.