Remove From My Forums. Tuesday, January 5, 5: This may help us to determine it’s a RAID problem. Please also check whether you can get the same issue if the system version of virtual terminal server is Windows Server I have also updated the security settings suggested in that article. I was using bmc version 3. I will try connecting one of my physical server’s VM Switch NIC to the main network backbone directly, completely bypassing Switch 1, and we can go from there.

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I’ve already looked at users’ processes, nothing spikes along with the hardware interrupts cpu time, so I don’t think it’s the users We have 2 other physical servers setup our old terminal servers with IDENTICAL NLB configuration, and everything works for a while, then “kablooey” we have problems out the wazoo and it seems like ncc105i server has the same issue within a very short time of each otherso I don’t think it’s the network setup.

They work great in Windows R2 64bit so far.

I thought it nif be a hardware issue, but this happens on ALL 4 servers, as well as a 5th one I have running. Follow, to receive updates on this topic. Does it resemble what is described in this thread here: Upvote if you found this nicc helpful or interesting. I can’t really determine if this is the “cause” of the problem or a “result” of the problem, BUT I do know that when there is hl problem, I have a drastically different set of reports.


Tuesday, December 29, 8: Was there possibly a NIC or some other device that was goign to sleep becuase it considered itself not doing much anymore? Randomly the virtual terminal servers will hang sometimes I will get hangs repeatedly for an hour, one after another, sometimes I can go for 3 days with no problems.

Centos , ESXI and hp nct nic drivers |VMware Communities

Same Hardware profile for each virtual server, except VS3 is using a “legacy network adapter” while VS7 is using the “network adapter” I have completely disabled the on-board HP NIC’s suspecting these were causing me some serious problems.

On just ONE of the servers the top most physical server in our rack: Some Is there a particular application that you are using on ncc105i terminal servers? I don’t think this is a hardware problem as my server was previously running Windows Server and it was stable as rock.

Can’t really do much about the filesharing ph right now, as I don’t really know if it is the cause or effect, but 2 other things I noticed: Jesper – I came across that thread.

ncc105i Monday, January 11, 9: Wednesday, January 13, 5: It only has 4 terminal service users on a regular basis, and has NOT had this problem network traffic is far lower than that of the other 3except for the network dropping out in the parent partition. I have 4 dedicated users on that virtual terminal server, and it’s been running for about 2 months, and haven’t had this problem on it at all.


Still could be symantec related. I will try nc105o one of my physical server’s VM Switch NIC to the main network backbone directly, completely bypassing Switch 1, and we can go from there.

Process explorer reports that the process “Hardware Interrupts” is using all of the processing power. What I’ve tried so far: I just recently started using procmon to watch everything in detail.

Not an IT pro? Hiya, No your still not forgotten: Here’s my latest setup: Friday, January 8, 6: It’s using a “Legacy Network Adapter”.

Embedded NC105i PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter

Are you using any teaming software on your NIC’s? Took suggestions from different posts throughout the thread, nothing helped.

Hiya, even tho it should not be possible, the symptoms you describe sounds more and more like a switch or hub with a cache that runs full. Thursday, January 7, 2: Nc05i this post Link to post.