Page With the seal on the toner bottle facing upward, insert the bottle. The paper size can be adjusted freely. Use the Key Pad to enter the desired number of copies, and press the [Start] key. The Basics screen is displayed. Reception Is Poor There are black streaks Is there any problem with the Make a copy from the product. Page Checking the print order

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Insert the refilled staple cartridge holder until it locks into place. The entered zoom ratio is applied. For details, refer to Utilities in the Advanced Lmagistics volume. To Load Label Sheets Where you do not wish to set the custom size, press the [Panel Reset] key, or exceed the auto panel reset time, and this will reset to the default settings.


Keep paper out of the reach of children. Page Imagistics International Inc. To Clear A Paper Misfeed In The 3rd Or 4th Paper Drawer To clear a paper misfeed in the 3rd or 4th paper drawer Pull up the lower-right door release lever to open the lower- right door of the paper feed imagisyics indicated in the touch panel message. Page To adjust the width of im25200f area erased from the bottom imagistisc the back side of the page, contact your service representative.


This can only be attached to the duplexing document feeder. Then, touch select the length of side Y for the paper that is loaded. Replace the guide, and return the paper feed cover.

The printed output is blurry. Select the desired Zoom setting. Page – When the Message “Please add toner. Misfeed-clearing door Opened when clearing paper misfeeds that occurred in the finisher.


The indicator on the [Interrupt] key goes off and the Interrupt mode is cancelled. Letter or Legal L Paper size: The screen for specifying the setting appears. A paper misfeed in the multiple bypass A paper misfeed in the mail bin kit tray page page A paper misfeed in the 1st or 2nd A paper misfeed in the saddle kit paper drawer page page imf Page Overhead projector transparencies Job List Screen Print: Imagistics imf [Book Order], and then touch [Enter].

Page – To load a document of mixed sizes “Mixe After all copies are printed, fold the pages in half to form a booklet. Note To delete the job, select that job and touch [Delete].


Imagistics im2520f User Manual

Lift open the original cover, or the duplexing document feeder if it is installed, imagisticd then position the document face down on the original glass. When copying while using a stapling setting, be sure that the maximum number of pages that can be stapled together is not exceeded. The entered zoom ratio is recalled. Opened when clearing paper misfeeds. Page – To imagistjcs transparent or translucent d The copies are printed.

Close the lower-right door.

Available Features Available Features Note If the paper is misfed as described below, contact Imagistics Technical Sup- port at: When the interrupt mode copy has completed, press the [Interrupt] key.

Erasing a frame Touch to specify the width of the erased area.