Kept getting ‘firefox cannot find server’ notice a lot too. Buy me a coffee: After I set up XP sp2, I installed: Install Common Modules Install the Touchpad driver and other hotkey related drivers. The time now is

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There are plenty on the Toshiba site I checked their download section and drivers aren’t an option there or anywhere on the website. Farmside Satellite Broadband I Keep being told to update drivers.

Mbjb, got computer shop to wipe hard drive for a clean install about six months ago and I loaded Windows 7 RC onto it but going back to Vista Ultimate as I can’t afford Windows 7, but upgrading to W7 is starting to look like the easiest thing if I can’t get proper drivers. Have to choose All families, All series, All products, I don’t get a choice.

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I also tried to setup toshiba controls but it says “You have to set up common module first” although I did set up the common module. My time to upgrade to Windows 7 is very nearly up too. Seems like other people are having trouble accessing the downloads too. After I set up XP sp2, I installed: Modem driver it’s software modem driver for toshiba until this procedure, it looks fine. You should also update the XP. Welcome to the Toshiba Support Forum, created for customers and enthusiasts to share knowledge, solve problems and discuss technology.


The Common Modules is an essential application which should be installed at the beginning.

Kept getting ‘firefox cannot find server’ notice a lot too. The time now is Can’t do it from official Toshiba website. But touch-pad doesn’t work at all.

Can anyone give me a solution for these problem? Toshiba one seems to be working fine today.

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Internet on wireless, sound, display are OK now. What am I doing wrong please? Also it’s about three months old so have decided to flag it. Buy me a coffee: Uploading on Farmside satellite Help no network drivers. I’ve tried the Toshiba website i.

The Common Modules is very important, you should always install this as soon as possible. But as Akuma suggested install the Common Modules as dp But I can’t use touch-pad, and other function splb0a.

Thanks for the links guys. Had a really close look at this website later and can’t find any contact details on it. Install Common Modules Install l030 Touchpad driver and other hotkey related drivers.


They’re certainly a lot milder than what I feel like taking at the moment. I don’t know why I couldn’t access their website yesterday.

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