The PC software disc gives you the drivers for this and a few other Lifeview products, Microsoft’s NetMeeting package which you can download for free and CyberLink’s VideoLive Mail, which makes it easy for you to send reasonably compact Windows Media Format video attachments to people via e-mail. What to buy, what to buy. There’s no harm in getting it on the disc, though. If the aperture’s made smaller than it has to be then you get lower light sensitivity in your camera, though, and many cheap fixed focus lenses are set up to give decent results on close subjects, at the cost of making everything in the distance blurry. Maybe a driver update will fix that problem. Setting up The two Logitech cameras come with the same software disc, which lets you easily install the camera driver software, plus a handful of other packages.

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Lifeview Usb Robocam Q Want it to be able to capture still frames or motion video?

Life View USB RoboCam 3.13

Small “desktop” tripods can be had cheaply – you don’t need a big photographic rig. Finally my PC got up to speed! The QuickCam Express, on the other hand, is about as lousy in low light as I’ve ever seen. I saw no significant frame rate difference between a tiny scaled-down window and full screen mode at by on my test machine – which is hardly surprising, since it’s running an Athlon at MHz.

With it folded down, the camera gets only a vague dark frosted-glass view of the world, so it’s an easy way to block lifdview videophone correspondent’s view of you as you pick your nose, change your clothes or dob in a multinational corporation for dumping nerve gas in the creek at the Sunnyview Cute Fluffy Animal Reserve.


Webcam comparison: Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000, Logitech QuickCam Express, Lifeview Robocam

Roboxam the remote camera’s set up so the sun can pass through the field of view, there’ll even be a few big diagonal stripes across the ub where the image sensor’s been scorched. The QuickCam software disc also gives you Microsoft’s NetMeeting, which you can get for free from here ; if you’ve got WindowsNetMeeting is standard equipment.

It loses an only barely noticeable amount of detail and gets the file sizes down nicely.

Webcams don’t have a lot of weight to them, and they have pretty compliant connections to their stands. Please support our project by allowing our site to show ads. The QuickCam Pro is a much stronger video performer.

Clicking on the Download Now Visit Site button above will open a connection to a third-party site. If you’ve got a static IP or a Web site, you can make a “proper” webcam site, and there are free services that make it even easier.

The contenders Logitech have been a big name in webcams, ever since they bought the camera division of Connectix half way through Lifeview Usb Robocam There’s no harm in getting it on the disc, though. Now, that’s not a problem for a framegrabber, but it makes audio synchronisation an issue. But the Robocam’s low light result, above, beats the heck out of what the Uwb managed.

Many PC TV tuners have fancy software that gives them digital VCR functions, multi-channel preview with a very slow update rate – the tuner just tunes each channel in turn and that sort of thing.

The camera that comes with the camera-and-tuner kit, though, has a five volt power connector that you plug into the cryptic power output on the back of the LifeTV, and a standard composite output that you connect to the LifeTV’s video in.

Well, here one is. Get lifevirw perfect match for your driver More than 5 million happy users. In the absence of any serious software hassles, the only real setup problem is where you can put the camera.


DriverMax – Imaging Devices – OVT – LifeView USB RoboCAM Computer Driver Updates

You also get Ulead VideoStudio 4. And here we strike a problem. Since the video’s delayed a significant fraction of a second, though, lip sync goes to heck. Clearer, brighter, less grain. On top of the LifeTV there’s a dinky little one inch speaker – so you don’t have to hook it up to any other noise-making device if you don’t want to – and a button you can use to grab frames.

I tested the webcams on a Dobocam box powered by a mere MHz Athlon. I ush, unfortunately, religiously precluded from reporting upon any “educational” software. Here’s a very high light shot – now, the two extra lamps are both pointed at the target, and the flood’s not far away.

OmniVision LifeView USB RoboCAM Free Driver Download for Windows XP () –

OK, its software’s nothing special, but it’s a normal Video For Windows device or whatever Microsoft’s buzzword for that idea is this weekand so lifeviww can use it with various other software that accepts video, if the bundled software doesn’t spark your plugs.

But the best you’re ever going to get is about 15 frames per second. As well as the basic driver, the Lifeview software bundle also gives you NetMeeting, and CyberLink’s VideoLive Mail, which makes it easy to send Windows Media Format video attachments to people via oifeview.