Our game controllers work with Sony Android TVs. Easy on the hands. System Information needs to show it as a “Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2” in order for it to work on the Mac. Bring your entire library of Steam games to the living room, grab your F, sit back, and enjoy. But it is easy enough.

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It was really easy wirelfss download driver on Windows. Bring your entire library of Steam games to the living room, grab your F, sit back, gamead enjoy. Buttons and controls are programmable and can even mimic keyboard and mouse commands.

A few games will work with it, many just won’t work at all. But it is easy enough. Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. Easy to set up and use. Pick up and play.

It should work natively with the input set to “D”. Showing 1 – 2 of 2 comments.

Configuring the Logitech F710 for OS X / Macintosh

Unfortunately, the default mode on the F is the XInput mode which doesn’t work on the Mac. Start a New Discussion. Enjoy long, comfortable play sessions thanks to smooth curves and contoured rubber grips. It doesn’t see my receiver, my gamepad.


5 steps to getting the Logitech F to work on OS X (Yosemite) –

Only takes a second. Cross posted from Gamrhaus. Pair F with Big Picture and navigate Steam, surf the web, play games and more from the comfort of your couch. That device will work with the Mac.

Cut the cord and enjoy the freedom—gaming without wires. Remove the nano USB receiver from my iMac 3. Crafted for a console-like controlling experience and innovated from traditional design, F fits like a glove.

F710 Wireless Gamepad Designed for the PC gamer looking for an advanced console-style controller.

It’s not great, but it is definitely there. I ordered a Cordless RumblePad 2 from a retailer that still had it in stock. Change the F to “D” DirectInput mode 2.

Play console ports with their native-style controller or adopt a more relaxed position while enjoying PC games. Our game controllers work with Sony Android TVs.

With the controller switch in Lgoitech mode, our console-like layout will give you the edge as you compete. I tried to find the way to gameapd gamepad, I found GamePad Companion, but even after that my mac don’t give me results.


Well, I found the way to connect my gamepad to Windows on my Mac. I always have a text editor open for one reason or another anyway. First of all, simple changing the switch to “D” wasn’t enough.

We are Logitech G. It’s mc paragraph, still goofy that there isn’t a function button for it. Why setup on Windows is easier then on Mac? All the drivers for gamepad that I found was only for Windows.