In effect, this agreement between the government and the MIB ensures that innocent victims of uninsured drivers don’t lose out financially. The MIB are an insurer of last resort. However, this does not mean you cannot sue the other driver direct. As an alternative to claiming against the MIB, the victim of an uninsured driver can sue the owner of the vehicle for breach of statutory duty, if they can show the owner permitted their car to be used by someone who was not insured. Fortunately the MIB generally seem to take a results based approach. You should only be doing this if you know what you are doing or you are represented by someone who knows what they are doing.

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The MIB is an insurer of last resort. The requirement is to get off or out of the vehicle at the first reasonable opportunity after you discovered the situation. So, if both driver and vehicle are not identified such as in ‘hit and run’ accidentsthen the MIB won’t pay out for property damage but will pay out personal-injury claims.

The MIB will not pay out to an uninsured Claimant. Murder First picture of mum, 41, stabbed to death on Boxing Day in ‘Christmas row’ Laurens Brand, 47, has been charged with murder after Angela Mittal, 41, suffered fatal stab wounds at their home in Shinfield, Berkshire. There are 3 levels of knowledge, namely: SinceDirect Line has operated an ‘uninsured driver promise’ for fully comprehensive policyholders.

Gatwick Airport Jib found on damaged drone near Gatwick Airport are ‘unknown to police’ as detectives no closer to finding culprit behind Christmas travel chaos. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau is the body responsible for satisfying judgments made against uninsured drivers, provided the terms of the scheme are complied with.


It is then up to them to sue the driver for the money they had to pay out.

Uninsured Driver

Enjoy the adventures of Andy Capp and wife Flo every day. However, as with other types of claim, it is very important you use a solicitor who knows what they are doing.

The AA — the UK’s biggest insurance broker — has a similar promise.

Conservative Party Theresa May in cronyism row as leading Brexiters get honours. The MIB handles over 20, claims against uninsured and untraced motorists every year, and also works with government and police forces to tackle the problem of uninsured drivers.

Personal service or service by normal post or e-mail is not accepted Notice of commencement of legal proceedings has to be served on the MIB within 14 days of commencement, however you also have to inform the MIB of the date of service of proceedings within 7 days of service or 14 days of deemed service; The MIB has to be served with notice within 7 days of a Defence or amendment to the Claim being filed, the claim being set down for trial or the Claimant receiving notice of the trial date; You must give the MIB 35 days notice of any intention to apply for judgment.

Mum charged with murder of her month-old twins in Margate Samantha Ford, 37, was arrested after officers discovered the young children at a property in Castle Drive, Margate at 3.

Fingerprints found on damaged uninsurde ‘unknown to againsg Sussex Police drew another blank after pursuing a “significant line of inquiry” following the discovery of the damaged drone close to the perimeter of the airport last weekend.

Your rights if you’re hit by an uninsured driver |

Perishers Perishers – 29th December Perishers originally ran from to Animals Dog horrifically injured after being ‘fed’ lit firework by group of children. Once this compensation has been received, your insurer should reinstate your no-claims discount and cancel any corresponding premium increase. However, even mub MIB’s own legal representatives sometimes fail to properly understand the requirements of the scheme, never mind a Claimant lawyer.


The strip originally ran from to You need to be signed in for this feature. Here’s what to do. Then again, when a driver is untraced, the MIB can pay compensation for property damage only where the vehicle concerned has been identified.

If you issue proceedings and then clqim to comply with their rules, it may be possible to withdraw the claim, re-issue it and then comply.

Your rights if you’re hit by an uninsured driver

If you did not have insurance, the MIB are entitled to refuse to pay you. The MIB pays out compensation to those who suffer personal injury or damage to their property as a result of accidents nib uninsured motor vehicles. Due to public demand, reprints of classic stories began in Don’t panic, help is available Image: You must report the accident to your insurer as soon as practicably possible.

When giving notice of the commencement of legal proceedings you need to serve copies of correspondence with the other side and a copy of your own insurance policy.

Babies Woman gives birth to pound, ounce baby breaking hospital weight record. This means they will not pay for anything you have already been paid for under another policy.