When the SSID ofaccess point or wireless device is not available, users have toinput it here manually. Page 8 Chapter 3 Configuration3. If the wireless access point uses encryption, users will have to input thecorrect WEP passphrase or WPA pre-shared key. Please follow the instructions in following chapters to use the AP function of thewireless card. The serial number of this wireless connection.

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Otherwise select second option to update existing drivers. Your manual failed to upload When the users enable theWMM function of this network card, they can define the priority micronft different kindsof data to give higher priority to applications which require instant response. If users have added a profile before, and they wish to change the content of theprofile, they can use this function.

Micronet SPR Gigabit PCI Ethernet Network Adapter Card | eBay

GI stands for Guard Interval. Displays additional information of this wireless Connection,like current wireless operating mode and data transfer rate.

However, if the user connecting micrlnet an access point uses Users can change these settings to increase data transferperformance or change operation mode. Just like the telephone directory, the profilesaves all information of access points, and user can recall them anytime.


Micronet SP2612R Gigabit PCI Ethernet Network Adapter Card

CCX is a wirelessfeature developed by Cisco used to improve the wirelessperformance with CCX compatible wireless devices. Or point us to the URL where the micornet is located. Page 22 Step 3.

Configuration utility will scan for available wireless access pointsautomatically. Chapter 5 TroubleshootingIf users encounter any problem when using this wireless network card, consult thissection for possible solutions. What is Spread Spectrum? An integrated wireless and wired LAN is called an Infrastructure configuration.

MicroNet Technology SPNL : Network Card User Manual

Please select an access point to connect, and click. Pleaseask the administrator of the access point for the correct EAPmethod. When the SSID ofaccess point or wireless device is not available, users have toinput it here manually.

Only allow wireless clients with MAC addresslisted here to connect to this access point. Please select an encryption mode. Checkthis box if the users need to connect to CCX-compatiblewireless devices. Enable connection via pushing a button or entering an 8-digit code.


Do not put this device at or near hot or humid places. Page 29 Enable Cisco Compatible eXtensions. Page 11 Step 1.

Please input the SSID of this access point. Tell us about it. Please select the wireless channel to use for the environment.

This USB Adapter is designed for indoor use only. Page 10 Step 5.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Please follow thefollowing instructions to establish secure connection between WPS-enableddevices. All access points with WPS function enabled will be displayed here. However, user can modify the SSID ifnecessary.

Pleasemake sure the access point users wish to connect is displayed. When CCX is enabled, ada;ter following setupitems will become available: Select the operation mode of the access point in this field.