You only really need it for extremely dense pieces of film a good thing too, because it drastically slows the scanning process , but it does indeed make a difference for those “impossible” slides. Three-wavelength, cold cathode fluorescent light source. I stopped using 35mm film shortly after. Handy, can save scanning time. While it doesn’t show in this screen shot, mousing over each of the buttons tells you what the pixel dimensions of the resulting scan will be. I did have to do a little research but it works fine on Debian Jessie Read full review Verified purchase:

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Up to 8x multi-sample scanning. Digital ICE works very well for both dust and emulsion defects. I use the twain capture feature if I’m only doing one slide, as the scanning software must be closed for the image to appear in Photoshop. However the Minolta Scan Dual 3 has some tricks in this department too, more on that later.

This scanner is great. It was easy to set up once the software was installed. If you want to scan 35mm negatives or slides for personal use, get it.

Image Correction Tab Once you’ve adjusted the image resolution and size, as well as the orientation and cropping, clicking on the Image Correction tab lets you perform prescanning corrections. A text box at the end of each slider bar reports the amount of change numerically, with a minus sign indicating a decrease.


There’s still some dirt there, but most of it has been removed, and what’s left is much less apparent. The buttons across the top of the preview area again change, and from right minoltz left perform the following functions: High image quality Fast scanning speeds Good dynamic range Multi-sampling and bit options Competitive price.

Minolta DiMAGE Scanners

scanenr I stopped using 35mm film shortly after. Removes the previous adjustment made. Prescan Tab Clicking on the Prescan button activates the scanner to create a larger prescan preview of the selected image, and automatically opens the Prescan window.

One edge of the holder has four open slots, where you can slip in individual slides.

Today, everyone gets the gift of free Plus membership for 1 month as a ‘thank you’ from the ePHOTOzine team for your continued support! Here’s what the Easy Scan utility’s user interface looks like:. Loads a previously saved correction job. With the slider set at “Low,” very little dust is removed, but image details are left undisturbed. Using this interface, even complete beginners can achieve pleasing results, since most everyone can at least tell whether they like one image more than another.

Minolta Scan Dual III Film Scanner Review

The Scan Dual 3 has fillm very similar case to the more expensive Dimage Scan Elite 2, except it’s a dark grey instead of white. I don’t have a quantitative test for maximum “scannable” film density, but the DSD-III did surprisingly well with the ultra-dense “Train” slides.

If the scanner is set to sample 8 times in 16 bit mode, find something else to do for a few minutes.


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Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades: Though several higher-end scanners including Minolta’s own Dimage Scan Multi Pro offer scanning resolutions as high as 4, dpi, the Dimage Scan Dual III’s 2,dpi resolution is excellent for 35mm film, offering the ability to create very high quality digital prints.

The top slider bar controls the amount of the effect, from zero to percent. If you want a great scanner at an even greater price, in my opinion this product will suite both the casual user and professional quite adequately.

Loads any previously saved image correction settings files, and applies corrections to the selected image.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Scanner | eBay

Likewise, novices are prone to make the images too contrasty or oversaturated, due to poor color judgement. This is a sophisticated system for dust and scratch removal. Although this difference isn’t important in the real world, it’s great that a lower cost scanner hasn’t had its speed sacrificed to save money.

Scanner installation Fitted with sscan USB 2.