Remove the paper empty sensor 1. For an inappropriate LED state check the associated sensor, connector and wiring for a discrepancy. Turn the power off, push the rack release button and turn the toner cartridge rack by hand. Others Ensure the connection of the connector for the high voltage unit is secure. Is the connector for the power supply circuit board properly inserted? Other errors E Fusing unit errors Temperature control error No. Laser unit errors 5.

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Remove the 2 set screws for the top cover right rear of the mqs unit, 1 screw inside the connector cover and 1 screw under the con- trol panel.

Oil coating roller A-3 Installation space Always provide adequate space around the printer to ensure proper cooling and easy inspection and maintenance. Carefully listen to and understand the user’s description of the problem.

Damage will occur to the fusing unit if the paper is pulled through it. Check Result Corrective action 1. Remove the 2 mounting screws for the image transfer release lever and remove the lever.

Minolta-QMS Magicolor 2200 DeskLaser

It takes approximately one minute from the start of the 22200 until the passage of the paper is completed. Remove the 1 connector for the toner suction fan and the 2 stop screws.


A fusing pressure motor error is detected when a release state cannot be detected 4 seconds after the start of release of the pressure roller. The paper wraps around the image transfer belt.

Use your fingers to rotate the gears on the top of the fusing kagicolor. Be careful when removing this shaft because it also serves to secure the spring loaded transfer roller housing. The covers are the front cover, fusing cover, transport cover, upper tray jam removal cover, duplex unit cover, and mailbin cover.

Minolta-QMS Magicolor EN – printer – color – laser Overview – CNET

An image transfer roller operation error is detected when there is no change in the output of the image transfer roller pressure sensor Imnolta after the specified time has passed since the image transfer roller pressure solenoid SL7 was set to on. The image is transferred to the paper and fused.

Looking for a tech bargain real soon? Remove the bearing on the front side of the multipurpose tray paper take-up section 1. Clean the fusing belt. To prevent a laser beam leak, the printer performs a trial run to make sure the covers are in position.


Does the fusing pressure motor M5 operate dur- No Ensure the connection of the connector ing printing? There is 1 connector. Yes Repair as needed.

MINOLTA-QMS Magicolor 2200 DP Maintenance Manual

Multipurpose tray position sensor PC 15 Detects the upper and lower position amount of the multi-pur- pose tray. Remove the transport cover or duplex cover if installed by remov- ing two screws. At that time, the paper guide 2 is in its home position, and the paper guide and home position sensor 3 are on.

Yes Clean the timing roller. Do not bring it near a watch, floppy disk, magnetic card, or CRT tube.

QMS Magicolor Toner Cartridges

Reset the image transfer roller unit. Use an outlet with a voltage meeting the specification standards. Turn power switch on. Be careful with the 2200 voltage parts. Defective contact image transfer roller. Error Messages The indicated cartridge is low. Never dispose of them at the user’s premises or attempt to try to discharge one.