Use keywords to find the product you are looking for. It is possible to connect this device to our road simulator This device is provided for official exhaust emission testing. The tester uses 0. OBD accessories for Mercedes.

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OBD accessories for Audi. The use of trademarks and brand names, is in recognition of the rights of their respective owners.

When external power is lost, It will automatically switch from continuous tracking mode to interval mode. OBD accessories for Porsche. The product is in stock in our warehouse. Technical modifications, revisions of prices, mistakes, misprints or isb to prior sale reserved. OBD accessories for Fiat.

Measuring of LPG consumption is now very easy at the gas side. X Add to Cart. OBD Accessories for Ford.

The Company works on customer specific project, developing, manufacturing of electronic-systems and specialized in following domains. Moybdic live values can be selected to read out simultanously. Truck brake tester is delivered with a 23″ LCD display. J – J multiple ECU simulator is a platform aiming to aid the professionals who are developing hardware for buses and OBD accessories for Land Rover.


MBD3200USB mOByDic Interface

We offer both accessories for the self’s building and ready-made devices. OBD accessories for Porsche. It allows to users to adjust the LPG map very optimal without road test. Both LEDs display the current communication status and connected information.

More information you can get from the corresponding chipset datasheet. OBD accessories for Alfa Romeo. Please only after arrangement! OBD Accessories for Toyota. OBD Accessories for Jaguar. OBD accessories for Alfa Romeo.

OBD accessories for Peugeot. It is best suited tool for your workshop. A remote control is integrated also only one user is needed for Customers who bought this product mobydiv purchased. The device has specifically designed to be used in harsh environments. Smokemeter mOByDic It is a low cost version of our emission test family.

OBD accessories for Porsche. It works 8 hours with a rechargeable battery. OBD accessories for Renault.

Ozen Elektronik Inc. Company Catalog –

OBD accessories for Hyundai. The use of trademarks and brand names, is in recognition of the rights of their respective owners.


OBD accessories for Subaru.