Change the dropdown box to say “Hardware Ids”. Anyway, that’s from memory so YMMV. It works just as well as units costing several hundred quid or more, or at least it did until I upgraded to Windows 7. The installation will be done manually: The latest driver installer is for all their hardware, even the legacy products. Send a private message to sstillwell. Then go to “search the computer for driver software” then on “search software from a list of drivers on the computer Category “Sound Video Games” and opens a list where you find MOTU , then “next” and you have installed the driver.

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I sent an inquiry to UAD tech support regarding this issue, and received the following response: Right click on the card needing driver. You’ll recognize them because the slot see an interruption between pins 50 and Motu Yes It’s work perfectly with driver x64 version 1.

Also, Sonar 4 now works better with our plug-ins than it ever has in the past, so this can be a very solid setup. Mmotu New York Posts: It is not compatible with Firewire – don’t try to connect the two. I’ve upgraded my PC seemingly to have my soundcard unusable. I know the card is old and dated, but I don’t have the money to go buying a new soundcard.


MOTU PCI-324, UAD-1, and WDM

From big screen to home studio: Send a private message to sstillwell. Billy Buck Max Output Level: The latest driver installer is for all their hardware, even the legacy products. Send a private message to guitmart. So I’m stuck, really stuck.

MOTU PCI, UAD-1, and WDM | Cakewalk Forums

Thanks for posting your reply from UAD tech support! Forums Posts Latest Posts. Your current configuration should be fine.

The problem with pci is the chipset of the motherboard ICH8, ICH9 because is not a true pci bus it’s a bridge pcie. But there’s a major issue which was holding me back, that I thought would be OK, moth is now a major problem. Not sure if the cards are supported by the Universal drivers, but I guess it’s worth a try. Supported MOTU products include: I’ve been using this setup for a year now, and it’s rock solid.


Pcl, I’m not talking about CueMix here. For the drivers, if you use a bit operating system, you can use those for XP even on win7. Go to Details tab.


Motu does pcii support the any more so no help there The PCI slots must be powered at 5 volts. If you have this luck you install the MOTU Then we will be on to making this work.

PCI Interface U032079 – Card Pci-324 MOTU PCI324 Audio

Find More Posts by smallstudio. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Those cards and interfaces are NOT Firewire – they just use the same-shaped connector.

They use I think anyway universal drivers now. As anyone who produces can imagine, loosing the use of your soundcard renders everything else pointless.

Family Guy composer Walter Murphy shares his process.